Bring the love of God, community, education, food, and fun to those less fortunate in your city today.

Problem: There are at-risk, low-income families surrounding us on all sides in Spring Branch. There needs to be an outlet and help for these youth.

Give somewhere you know is making a difference TODAY.

Our Plan: We provide weekly programming that gives these kids a way out - loves on them, teaches them, and grows them. We get local churches involved and build community. We’ve done it for over 30 years and will continue to.


But we need Your Help.

  • 65% will go to expanding and assisting with our weekly programs now.

  • 24% will go to our general expenses and management of the NonProfit (office space, fees, etc)

  • 11% goes to our efforts and costs of fundraising and our annual Gala.

  • 100% supports our efforts to help those less fortunate in Spring Branch area of Houston.