video production

Video Production Fulfilling Our Mission

Before 2015 we would spend upwards of $5000 on a 5-minute promotional video. We would hire videographers to come to our programs and help us tell our story, but it was not a very hands on process. We would give them instructions, maybe a few ideas for shots here and there, and then a month or so later, we would get a beautiful produced promotional video.

I (Russell) had previous experience in video production during my college days and I thought it would be more cost effective and practical to start producing our own videos in-house. But then that idea grew into something even better! Keeping in mind what our mission and vision are:

“To catalyze the local church towards community engagement and restoration”

We thought, “How can we take this thing that God has gifted with, and integrate community engagement and restoration into that process?” Luminary is fulfilling that mission!

The Local Church – We are partnering with local churches and non-profits to produce promotional content, helping them fulfill a need at low cost.

Community Engagement – We are partnering with local business and integrating students from the community in the process to produce promotional content.

Restoration – We are weaving the Gospel into everything we do, and intentionally discipling Luminary students in the process, helping them grow in their faith!

Quotes from our Current Students

My favorite part about Luminary is working with the people around me and getting to use cameras in different environments or situations.
— Juan
My favorite part about Luminary is being able to see what its like to be behind the camera and being able to see how beautiful the world is.
— TJ
What I like about Luminary is how we can learn new processes, like using the cameras and video editing.
— Nayeli