Family Night: Kids

About Family Night: Kids

Cornerstone Family Ministry currently hosts a program called Family Night: Kids at Faith Center on Monday from 6:30 – 8:15 pm. This program allows tender hearted volunteers to connect with children; grades PreK- 5th grade, to share the gospel in a fun and relatable way. Many of the children describe the environment as being entertaining, non-judgmental, and “churchy”.

Each grade level is split up and shepherded by 1-4 volunteers each week. The curriculum covers a variety of biblical lessons that the children are able to comprehend. Third, fourth, and fifth grade has a unique curriculum that allows the children to be a part of a small groups that are designed to give more opportunity to have a positive influence on each while graciously addressing behavioral concerns. Our students find joy in being active, thinking independently and having healthy social interactions, so we tend to aid those things by providing a safe and positive environment.

We are proud to have a team that is loyal and dedicated to our mission by supporting children, families, and local churches.

What is our Collision program?

Collision Program

Programming is back!

Collision is a program that reflects our mission to catalyze the local church towards community engagement and restoration. We partner with The Branch/Fair Haven a community of Chapelwood UMC, on Wednesday nights. This program is for grades 6th - 12th. Upon arrival they check-in, pray, eat, and break out into designated groups for recreation, connection, and to learn more about Jesus. This semester our Middle and High School girls groups are learning more about worship and how to become disarmed and invite The Lord near to them. And the boys groups are focused on basic understanding of The Bible. What it is, what’s in it, how to read it, make sense of it and apply it to life.

The Local Church

Collision isn’t about Cornerstone. Collision is about seeing this local church community have an impact on the students in Spring Branch. As a para-church ministry our mission is to see the local church be the primary agent for spreading the Gospel and building into people for long-term discipleship. We’re there to help facilitate on various levels for the success of this program. The long-term goal is that Collision is still running strong down the road, but is fully run by The Branch/Fair Haven staff and volunteers. While we’re engaged in other partnerships helping churches further their local impact for the Kingdom.

After only two weeks at Collision, we’ve already seen 80 kids come through the doors and be exposed to the love of Christ and His message. If you have any interest in plugging into a way to impact teenagers for the Kingdom, please feel free to contact me and we can talk about ways you would best serve.



Video Production Fulfilling Our Mission

Before 2015 we would spend upwards of $5000 on a 5-minute promotional video. We would hire videographers to come to our programs and help us tell our story, but it was not a very hands on process. We would give them instructions, maybe a few ideas for shots here and there, and then a month or so later, we would get a beautiful produced promotional video.

I (Russell) had previous experience in video production during my college days and I thought it would be more cost effective and practical to start producing our own videos in-house. But then that idea grew into something even better! Keeping in mind what our mission and vision are:

“To catalyze the local church towards community engagement and restoration”

We thought, “How can we take this thing that God has gifted with, and integrate community engagement and restoration into that process?” Luminary is fulfilling that mission!

The Local Church – We are partnering with local churches and non-profits to produce promotional content, helping them fulfill a need at low cost.

Community Engagement – We are partnering with local business and integrating students from the community in the process to produce promotional content.

Restoration – We are weaving the Gospel into everything we do, and intentionally discipling Luminary students in the process, helping them grow in their faith!

Quotes from our Current Students

My favorite part about Luminary is working with the people around me and getting to use cameras in different environments or situations.
— Juan
My favorite part about Luminary is being able to see what its like to be behind the camera and being able to see how beautiful the world is.
— TJ
What I like about Luminary is how we can learn new processes, like using the cameras and video editing.
— Nayeli

Fundraising and Social Media, A Strategy For This Generation

Fundraising and Social Media, A Strategy For This Generation

In today’s market, regardless of for-profit or non-profit, you simply cannot have a marketing strategy that doesn’t include focused social media engagement.  Look at the marketplace.  When you think of those companies that are the “tastemakers”, they are the ones that have consistent and provocative content that invites users/viewers into the conversation.  Giving people the proverbial “look behind the curtain” is entertaining, but how are we calling people into the mission of what we do?  If you are like me, then you are passionate about your work and there are many moments throughout your week that would be worthy of a post.  The trick is being cognizant enough to pull out the phone and document it.  What I am learning is that pulling your phone out to document when it is genuine and not manufactured always translates and engages in a positive way.